Zadhya Mohammed

Marketing Manager, Wind Service, Americas, Siemens

2014 Business Award Winner

Zadhya Mohammed has worked in the energy industry for 15 years and is leader in the business, as well as a mentor for Diversity at Siemens in the area of new employees, minorities, and women in the workplace. While completing her Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, she started her career at Siemens as an intern, and was subsequently hired as a design engineer. Ms. Mohammed has also been a part of the Siemens Inclusion & Diversity Council, overseeing Employee Resource Group strategies, as well as participating in a variety of formal and informal mentoring and leadership development initiatives, both internal and external to Siemens. Ms. Mohammed now works in Siemens’ renewables division, as a senior marketing manager for the Americas. In this role, she is responsible for selling long-term service contracts on wind turbines and product upgrades to customers to improve energy output. She also focuses on new markets in Central and South America and continues to provide extensive mentoring to employees across various divisions of the corporation. Ms. Mohammed holds BS and MS degrees from the University of Central Florida.