The U.S. C3E Awards recognize mid-career women who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and accomplishments in clean energy.

C3E Ambassadors select the winners and these remarkable Awardees are recognized for their work at the C3E Symposium each year. Personal narratives and advice from C3E Award winners are featured in the U.S. C3E 5th Anniversary Book.

Meet the 2018 Awardees!


Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

The U.S. C3E program annually recognizes women who have dedicated their careers to advancing clean energy and served as role models for women. The C3E Lifetime Achievement Honorees have remarkable accomplishments, international accolades, and are among the most respected people in the field. They also took the time to mentor and encourage the growth of others along the way. Read more about their careers and insights below and in the U.S. C3E 5th Anniversary Book.


Mid-Career Award Winners 

2017, International Award

2017, Research Award

2018, Government Award

2014, Advocacy Award


2017, Advocacy Award

2014, Government Award

2015, International Award

2018, Law & Finance Award


2012, Entrepreneurship Award

2012, Advocacy Award

2014, Entrepreneurship Award

2013, Education Award


2015, Research Award

2013, Corporate Implementation Award

2015, Education Award

2012, Education Award


2014, Research Award

2016, Business Award

2016, Entrepreneurship Award

2017, Entrepreneurship Award


2018, International Award

2017, Government Award

2017, Education Award

2012, Technology Award


2015, Advocacy Award

2013, Developing World Award

2015, Entrepreneurship Award

2013, Entrepreneurship Award


2017, Business Award

2014, Business Award

2018, Entrepreneurship Award

2014, International Award


2015, Business Award

2018, Research Award

2016, Advocacy Award

2015, Government Award


2016, Education Award

2014, Law & Finance Award

2012, Corporate Implementation Award

2018, Education Award


2016, Research Award

2014, Education Award

2018, Advocacy Award

2012, Developing World Award


2013, Advocacy Award

2016, Government Award

2017, Law & Finance Award

2018, Business Award


2013, Energy Technology & Innovation Award

2016, International Award

2015, Law & Finance Award

2016, Law & Finance Award