Increasing women’s participation and leadership across the energy sector are the goals of the U.S. C3E Initiative.

Sponsoring the C3E awards and symposia allows your organization to directly impact and support diversity and leadership in clean energy. You will meet and mingle with top women in energy at all stages in their careers (board service and hiring opportunities!) and hear from leading experts in clean energy. You will support the minds that will help create solutions for our world's difficult challenges.


C3E Initiative, Symposium, and Awards

The C3E Initiative, launched by the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) in 2010, was born out of recognition that the ideas and talents of all members of society are essential to meeting our future clean energy challenges. The U.S. C3E Program was launched in 2012. Closing the gender gap and increasing the participation, leadership, and success of women and minorities in the clean energy sector, and STEM fields more broadly, are the goals of the U.S. C3E Program. Now in its 7th year, the U.S. C3E Program is focused on developing effective ways to attract, retain, and promote women in the clean energy sector, as well as to extend its geographic reach across the entire U.S.
Mid-career women in energy are recognized at the annual C3E Awards Symposium, an invitation-only gathering of approximately 250 women in the energy field. The symposium incorporates a range of perspectives, including those of seasoned and mid-career entrepreneurs, researchers, government representatives and corporate leaders. A poster session highlights students and their current research at U.S. universities. Attendees gather to share insights regarding cutting-edge energy research, new business ventures and successful career pathways. A lifetime achievement award and eight outstanding mid-career women are celebrated with awards for their work in eight categories: advocacy, business, education, entrepreneurship, government, international, law & finance, and research.


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Stanford, MIT, and TAMU’s energy groups are collaborating to recruit sponsors to support the C3E Women in Clean Energy Symposia and Awards. For more information, please contact Leigh Limbach Johnson or Martha Broad:

Leigh Limbach Johnson
Associate Director, Communications, Community Building and Outreach Programs, Stanford University Precourt Institute for Energy
(650) 725-5805 |

Martha Broad
Executive Director, MIT Energy Initiative
(617) 258-6084 |

Valentini Pappa
Academic Program Coordinator of the M.Sc. in Energy, Adjunct Assistant Professor of the Agriculture and Biological Engineering, Texas A&M Energy Institute


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