Sila Kiliccote

Managing Director, Grid Innovations, Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy; Leader, Grid Integration, Systems and Mobility, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

2014 Research Award Winner

Sila Kiliccote is the Managing Director of Grid Innovations at Precourt Institute for Energy. Before joining Stanford University part-time, Kiliccote has built the Grid Integration, Systems and Mobility group at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, where she continues to have a part-time appointment. She spent more than 10 years at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory serving as the deputy of the Demand Response Research Center and leading grid integration initiatives, where she also built the Grid Integration group and worked with teams to develop OpenADR, Virtual Grid Integration Laboratory (VirGIL) and deployment of micro-synchrophasors for the distribution grid. She is currently leading a team developing VADER (Visualization and Analytics for Distributed Energy Resources) and GRIP (Grid Resilience and Intelligence Platform). Her research interests include utilizing load flexibility and data analytics for distribution grid planning and operations.