Stay tuned for information on the 2019 Poster Competition.

Now in its 7th year, the C3E Symposium is soliciting excellent posters showcasing the work of women in clean energy.  This Poster Competition is an opportunity for student and early-career researchers to participate in networking at the C3E Women in Clean Energy Symposium while sharing their research. The poster competition also exposes C3E attendees to cutting-edge research in a variety of clean energy fields. A committee with wide-ranging expertise will select the most compelling poster submissions, for presentation at the Symposium, with an eye for diversity of institution, topic, and discipline. Judging of the posters will consider the following characteristics:

  • How effectively entrants are able to communicate to multidisciplinary audiences. (Government, academics, executives, etc.)

  • Professionalism and enthusiasm throughout poster presentations.

  • Clarity of materials, specifically:

    • Motivation for studying this topic,

    • Research methods,

    • Results and/or conclusions, and

    • Implications and broader significance of research results and/or conclusions.

To be considered, entrants must be able to attend the full symposium on December 3rd and 4th, 2018 at Stanford University, California, to present their work in person. For the top 5 entrants, with the most compelling posters and presentations, the C3E committee may award a cash prize. Awards will be announced at the symposium. 


  • The Poster Presenter must be a female undergraduate, graduate student, or postdoctoral researcher currently undertaking the research project presented.

  • Only one presenter may attend the conference per poster.

  • The presentation topic must relate to clean energy and can be in any of the following areas:

    • Basic Energy Science

    • Built Environment and Infrastructure

    • Climate and Environment

    • Developing World

    • Energy Education

    • Energy Efficiency

    • Fossil Energy

    • Nuclear Energy

    • Policy and Finance

    • Power Distribution and Energy Storage

    • Renewable Energy

    • Transportation

    • Innovative Business Models

  • The research should be well underway, with (at least) preliminary findings and must be original work.

  • Posters should be no larger than 7' 8" width x 3' 9" height. Presenters may fill this space with one large poster or multiple smaller posters. Presenters should bring their posters with them to the symposium.


  1. Please record a video of yourself giving an initial presentation of your poster as if you were giving it to a symposium attendee. The video should be no longer than one minute (longer videos will not be considered), and uploaded to YouTube as unlisted or public.

  2. Please complete this online form. This application includes requests for:

    • A description of your research (in no more than 200 words) that includes the following:

      • Motivation for studying this topic,

      • Research methods,

      • Results and/or conclusions, and

      • Implications and broader significance of research results and/or conclusions.

    • A link to the one-minute YouTube video of your poster presentation.

  3. Please use your name as the poster filename and upload your poster as a PDF file to Box for file-sharing here.

    • Please try to optimize the file size - resolution should be high enough that the smallest text in graphs and charts is legible.

    • When preparing your poster, please consider the following tips:

      • Posters will be viewed during breaks, meals, etc. They should be eye-catching and legible from some distance.

      • Viewers respond well to graphics and other visuals as opposed to large amounts of text.

      • Avoid jargon, acronyms and any other field-specific phrases. It is helpful to assume that guests have limited knowledge of your content because they will come from such a wide variety of backgrounds.

All items (poster, and online form) should be submitted by October 1, 2018
(deadline extended from Sept. 17).

Important Dates

October 1 - Application period will close at midnight. Please complete the online submission form by then and include the link to your YouTube video. The PDF of your poster must be submitted to Box here, no later than October 1.
Week of October 29 - Applicants will be notified if they are selected to present their posters at the symposium.
December 3 and 4 - Selected entrants attend the symposium all day and present their poster.

Email Jennifer Milne at with any questions.