The C3E Poster Competition is an opportunity for student and early-career researchers to participate in networking at the C3E Women in Clean Energy Symposium while sharing their research. The poster competition also exposes C3E attendees to cutting-edge research in a variety of clean energy fields. A committee with wide-ranging expertise will select the most compelling poster submissions, for presentation at the Symposium, with an eye for diversity of institution, topic, and discipline. Judging of the posters will consider the following characteristics:

  • How effectively entrants are able to communicate to multidisciplinary audiences. (Government, academics, executives, etc.)

  • Professionalism and enthusiasm throughout poster presentations.

  • Clarity of materials, specifically:

    • Motivation for studying this topic,

    • Research methods,

    • Results and/or conclusions, and

    • Implications and broader significance of research results and/or conclusions.

To be considered, entrants must be able to attend the full symposium to present their work in person. The C3E committee may award a cash prize for the most compelling posters and presentations. Awards are announced at the symposium.

For more information about the Poster Competition, please contact