Milo Werner

New Product Introduction, Tesla Motors

2013 Energy Technology & Innovation AWard Winner

Milo Werner is the Senior Manager of New Product Introduction for Tesla Motors, where she is responsible for the successful launch of all new vehicle and powertrain models—a job that includes developing integrated product development and launch programs, leading cross-functional teams through execution, and delivering high-quality, manufacturable designs to the Tesla Factory for volume production. She is a key member of the team responsible for the successful launches of the powertrains for Tesla Model S, Toyota RAV4 electric vehicle, and Daimler Smart Car. Ms. Werner frequently lectures on new product introduction strategy and has given lectures at the Advanced Projects Research Agency—Energy; the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; the University of California, Berkeley; and the University of Vermont. She received her BS at the University of Vermont and earned an MS in civil engineering and an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.