Jessica Granderson

Staff Scientist and Deputy Division Director, Building Technology and Urban Systems, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

2015 Research Award Winner

Jessica Granderson is a Staff Scientist and Deputy Division Director for Building Technology and Urban Systems at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She leads a team conducting cutting-edge research on building controls, automation, and analytics, and she provides technical expertise and knowledge transfer to advance the energy management initiatives of the nation’s largest enterprises, national accounts, and public-sector entities. Granderson is the co-developer of a commercially licensed turnkey hardware–software solution—the “Sensor Suitcase”—which automatically identifies cost-effective energy savings in small commercial buildings. She also developed methodologies that are now being used by the utility program industry to improve and verify the rigor of meter-based savings estimates. She is dedicated to the growth and mentoring of students and junior staff and particularly supports those from groups historically underrepresented in engineering and science. Granderson holds an AB in Mechanical Engineering from Harvard University and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley.