Grace Overlander

Manager of New Product Introduction, Tesla Motors

2015 Business AWard Winner

Grace Overlander is the Manager of New Product Introduction at Tesla Motors, where she is responsible for the successful launch of more than a dozen distinct products. Her team recently launched new battery and electric components that are at the heart of the groundbreaking Model X sport utility vehicle. She was also responsible for the team that introduced Tesla Energy, which is revolutionizing markets for home and industrial energy storage. Prior to Tesla, Overlander instituted the refurbishment strategy for General Motors’ (GM’s) award-winning Volt. Her work at GM also established processes to drive product quality earlier in vehicle development, resulting in faster more successful launches. Overlander has been a champion for educating students and coworkers. She has sponsored internships in the sustainability and alternative energy space and championed plant tours and executive events to introduce students to electric vehicle technology. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan and graduated from MIT as a Fellow in Leaders for Global Operations. She holds an MBA and a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering.