2014 Symposium · September 16-17, 2014

Urban strategies for a new energy future

The 2014 Symposium provided women in clean energy with a range of perspectives on clean energy challenges and opportunities. It also provided a forum for networking. It is our hope that the 2014 Symposium helped to build a sustained national and international community of professionals dedicated to advancing the careers and goals of women in clean energy.


Lifetime Achievement Award


Managing Principal, Analysis Group


Award WInners

Advocacy Award

Executive Director, Climate + Energy Project

Business Award

Marketing Manager, Wind Service, Americas, Siemens

Education Award

Professor, Oakland Community College

Entrepreneurship Award

Co-Founder and CEO, Kiverdi, Inc.


Government Award

Sustainability Coordinator, Boulder Valley School District

International Award

Founder and CEO, Waste Enterprisers Holding (USA) and Pivot Ltd (Rwanda)

Law & Finance Award

Chief Legal Officer, Zynga Inc.

Research Award

Managing Director, Grid Innovations, Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy; Leader, Grid Integration, Systems and Mobility, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory